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Luffy had grown up extremely strong, thanks to his friends help and the help of someone who will go unnamed, he was able to become strong enough to form his own crew… He had 4 members, Zoro an infamous swordsman who wield three swords though currently he only had due to a recent fight was his first mate, Nami who was thieving greedy navigator who was able to sense changes in the weather, Usopp the cowardly sun of a member of Shanks' crew was the crew's sharpshooter and Sanji, the kicking chef who loved the lady's. He also had a ship named the Going Merry. Since parting ways he and his friend kept in touch at least once a month… during the time he became good friends with Gamakichi and was their primary letter carrier between the friends unless it involved getting Naruto a gift for his birthday. But Luffy had always promised to get his friends before they went to the Grand Line. Luffy happened to have a Piece of paper and wrote a quick letter saying "Soon, my navigator just set a course for the island". The next few days Luffy grew more and more excited… he didn't' tell his crew why he was excited… everytime someone asked he would avoid the question… that's when the island appeared in the distance.
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Straw Hat Naruto Chapter 7: Favourite Navigator, a Naruto + One Piece Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

OK so I know some of you are like 'heavydestro their gonna miss their chance to get Franky and Aqua Laguna' But then I'm like 'No they wont because I pushed it back ohh four months so they will be arriving on time. And thank you to Icedemon for the great idea about Franky joining that really helped. Some how or another it was raining on sky island which had given Vivi her chance at training her devil fruit powers. So far her Haki training was going alright but what surprised everybody is that she had gained a ton of strength in using her devil fruit powers. She had created many different ways to use her water attacks, one of her favorites was to created a beam of water so powerful it could cut through steel. This of course scared the hell out of Ace much to the amusment of the whole crew. Nami had been coming along great in using her new devil fruit powers.
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Since I can't see into the future there are two differences in the characters from chapter to this story. Eg , Naruto and Sasuke did not lose their arms and Kakashi still has the sharingan. Another Note - Since this story starts 3 years after chapter , I imagined the characters in the Leaf village as themselves portrayed in The Last - Naruto The Movie, except Naruto has longer hair, so I ask of you to do the same. This story is rated M for a reason, there will be some lemon on later chapters, but I will put a warning at the beginning of all chapters that have lemon.
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On with the story. At the 'Valley of they end' here we find two wounded warriors one is a quite tall teen though some would mistake him for an adult due to his feral side he has long spiky sun kissed hair with small bangs down the side of his face that shines throughout the barren wasteland that was once a beautiful land. He has three whisker-like markings on each side of his cheek that make him resemble the looks of a fox and his bright blue eyes that from time to time change red and slitted, he is 6'2 feet tall and has a horrible orange jumpsuit on that is now ragged due to the battle that has taken place as he glares down at his opponent this boy was 'Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze' his father is 'Minato Namikaze' and mother 'Kushina Uzumaki' as they where both feared throughout the land due to there overwhelming power that could rival the 2 tailed beast. The last remaining man of his clan he has a grey robe wrapped around his body and a purple snake-like belt that wraps around his waist his hair what jet black and in the shape of a ducks but his eyes were in the M angekyo Sharingan form and he was also glaring daggers at Naruto.
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